Android TV 242 Free Trial Instructions

Thank You for accepting our Free Trial Offer.

Please Follow the Instructions Below to Setup Your Free Trial:


1) Do a search for the app Downloader, install it and Open it.

a)    Go into Settings and Enable JavaScript

b)    Select Home on the screen then at the Home screen for Downloader type in the following URL CODE: http:/

c)    Select Install. After the program installs Click the Home Button on your Remote.


2)   Please open  the CHAT on this page Anytime or Call Laptops and Computer Express at (242) 361 8604, Mon - Sat from 10am to 6pm. Give your First and Last Name and your Email and ask for your FREE 1 DAY TRIAL.  Our Clerk will give you a personalized URL

( example: )


a)    Locate the AndTv242 app that you installed earlier (Step 1 Part c). Open it then Select ADD PLAYLIST then enter the personalized URL you received in step 2)
b)    Wait for the channels to Load you will see the word Processing on screen when it is finished you will see Playlist is processed. 
c)    Select Done on the right side of you screen. You will see a long playlist name just under the word Playlists Select it then go down to Playlist name and select it. 
c)    Delete the all the is on the line and replace it with atv  then select OK on the right side of your screen.
d)   Select Main TV guide source then select Manage sources  then select Add source then select Enter URL type in the following:     then select OK on the right side of your screen.
e)    Press the back or return button on your remote 4 times then select TV Guide turn on Update TV guide on playlists change  and  Update TV guide on app start, 
f)   Press the back or return button once then select Appearance then then Channels list Select Font size and change it to Large select Transparency and change it to High.
g) Press the back button 3 times to return to the Guide. Scroll down to the entertainment section and wait until the guide information loads for the channels (or wait about 3 minutes before running the channels) 
4)  This video show you the features and how to use the AndTV242 Guide to watch TV Channels. Click Here: Play Video
5)   When you are ready to purchase your first Month or More of AndroidTV242 service, please open the CHAT on this webpage Anytime or Call Laptops and Computer Express at (242) 361 8604, Mon - Sat from 10am to 6pm and let us know. Payment can be made Online or at our Store Located at #4 Lobster Ave. Golden Gates 1, Nassau, Bahamas. Click Here to see the Map of our Location.

Thank You!