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Referral Rewards Program
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 3 Easy Steps 

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Step 1

Step 1

Click "Chat: Lets Talk" Enter Your Phone Number, First & Last Name & E-Mail.

You will receive a Text Message within
24 hrs
, Click the First Link in it to Join.

This Video Shows You How To Complete Step 1

Step 2


Chat with The Assistant and Say Something Good about AndroidTV242 when Asked.


When You See Your Reward Card,

Click "View Full Card" To Track your Progress and See if you have Won a

Prize or how close you are to Winning.

This Video Shows You How To Complete Step 2

Step 3

Tell Your Friends and Family. 

When they visit AndroidTV242 and mention your Phone Number,

They will receive a $5 Discount.


You Receive A Prize when a number of your Friends or Family make a purchase

at AndroidTV242.

This Video Shows You How To Complete Step 3